No FUN in fundraising.

Confession time: fundraising is no fun. And I haven't really done anything yet.

I've done all of the behind the scenes sort of things I can do. We have a website, a blog, donation cards and business cards. I know full well that these are not the things that influence people to give but they needed to be done before I could begin asking people directly. And this is where I'm stuck. I've asked a few people directly. Mostly my friends. My main pitch has been that even $5 a month would be a blessing.

Crickets and tumbleweeds.

Am I asking too little? Could I be more inspiring? Write handwritten letters? Throw a party? Have a silent auction? Go door to door? I want to do what's needed but I don't want to waste effort and resources on the same old tired tactics like planning some obligatory fundraising event that people feel pressured to go to or beg out of.

Maybe I can have a fundraising NON-event. Kind of like a "Tupperware" party (or candles, jewelry, clothing, makeup, etc) where you just go online and pledge what you would have felt guilted into spending had you gone to an actual party. Or a NON-Restaurant night where instead of eating out and getting 10% of the sales I get my friends to pledge what they would have spent at Chick-fil-a, or Johnny Carinos, or Ci Ci's pizza. Or "order" imaginary cookies, or popcorn, Christmas wreaths, or whatever other fundraising product you can think of. I think I might be on to something here!

Why is it so "hard"? I'm so in love with Christ that I want to leave everything behind but I can't humble myself enough to ask people to be a part of this amazing thing we get to do as Christians? If I had a friend that needed money to pay for cancer treatments I wouldn't even hesitate to throw out all the stops and beg anywhere and everywhere I went. I wouldn't feel guilty for asking or apologetic for bothering them. I would do everything in my power. So why does this feel so different? Why am I so timid?

It's not like we don't have anything coming in. Our church is generously supporting us with $700 a month. I have one friend from school who gave $300 and a couple of people from church who have also made some one time cash donations of varying amounts from $10-$100. Even so we are nowhere where we need to be.

Our monthly budget is $2,750. That includes $2,255 for housing, food, utilities, health insurance, transportation, airfare and other basic living needs, $270 to CTEN and $225 to Provee (the organization we will be serving).

So what do you think? What might make you want to be a part of it? Just remember it won't be an expense you can't afford but an investment that the Father will gladly give you an advance on your allowance to make.

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