Merry Christmas

This year I might have a new Christmas tradition.

I can easily live without a white Christmas. I've learned not to listen to Christmas music until the few days before the big day. I can make holiday goodies, but one look in the mirror tells me no.

Snow is my least favorite part of winter in general and Christmas specifically. That is why I don't mind being here in Guatemala, where it doesn't snow.

I do miss being with family, but I did enjoy a big Christmas party here with Provee and church family members. And I adjusted to the fireworks at midnight because it was awesome to see so many going off at the same time.

The past two weekends, Tabitha and I have gone up to help with Christmas parties in some poor mountain communities. Over three parties, we served at least 700 people. Then on Christmas eve we gave presents to a family in a community near San Lucas, where we live, and girls at the orphanage that's part of our church's ministry.

As much as I don't mind shopping for Christmas presents, it's the paying for them that hurts me. Giving a meal and a bunch of presents to poor people became the new tradition that I love.

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