Getting started

Now that we have Internet at our new house in San Lucas, I don't have any excuses to not start blogging. Or posting Or whatever this is.

Before now, I was hesitant to post anything. All I was doing was getting ready to go. Selling the house, getting the kids some things they need, and giving our van away seemed to be the start of our journey. In reality it was the last part of getting ready. There were things to do - like make this website - before we could even think of moving.

Moving. That's a word that I didn't use enough to convey what we were going to do. Moving is long term. Moving is a major commitment. Saying "we are going to be missionaries in Guatemala" doesn't communicate the longevity we hope to serve.

People all the time asked - and still ask - how long we plan to be here. I even had people ask me why I said I was a missionary while I was still in Joplin (that's what the website says).

We arrived on Tuesday - with no problems - so what have we been doing? Making sandwiches, reuniting with friends we haven't seen in so long, handing out our sandwiches with cookies and drinks, "helping" with Bible lessons, smiling and waving at young ones while butchering the Spanish language (later in the week I completely forgot all of my Spanish), hugging and praying for healing with some my dad's age. All on the first day.

It's been so much like that the rest of the time. We shopped like we did two years ago when our son moved into his first apartment. We love our new house and our neighbors.

Then Saturday came. I made oatmeal on the stove (not the microwave since we lack one) for breakfast, the first meal I have cooked outside the U.S. We pulled down curtains and washed sheers. We took Katie on her first walk around part (the flattest part) of the neighborhood.

And we have Internet so we don't have to go next door (more on our awesome neighbors later) or across the road to the office to post on Facebook or check e-mail.

After all that I can say. It's time to get started.

"May the beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us -- yes, establish the work of our hands." - Psalm 90:17

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