Back home

Tabitha and I spent more than a month back in Missouri. I didn't realize how much I would miss home.

We spent a whole day in the Houston airport and got back early Monday morning (because that was the dirt-cheap flight). It wasn't that bad of day since I spent sitting in front of a TV watching football while Tabitha was next to me binge-watching TV shows. Two days before this I went to a Joplin High School football game to watch the Eagles, who have since advance to the state championship game.

But football was not what I missed about home.

While we were in Joplin and Kirksville we spent time eating. A lot of time eating. It seems like that's what we did most (and I put on about 10 pounds to prove it) because it's one of the things people suggest when they want to do while you catch up on how things are going. Plus there are some places I missed eating at, like Beckett's Cafe (breakfast with my dad), Chik-fil-A, various burger joints (chain and locally-owned), Ruby Tuesdays, Braum's, etc. (I even missed CiCi's Pizza).

And on Halloween, we were staying at my son's so we were ready to hand out candy. But no one came to his apartment door (as we figured) so we ate all the candy. Sorry (not really).

But the food (and I count candy as food) was not what I missed about home.

On two different occasions (and I missed out on a third opportunity), I got to play disc golf. Once I went on my own to try to play the new layout at McClelland Park, got confused and resigned myself to playing for probably the last time the old 27-hole layout as I had done so many times over the past 9 years.

I also took a trip to Columbia with my son Isaac and played Harmony Bends, a new course that is the highest-rated one on Disc Golf Course Review. I will have to agree and say it is the best course I have played because it is beautiful and challenging. The strange thing is that I played well most of the time and shot better than I expected.

But disc golf is not what I missed about home.

Most importantly, I got to see my friends and family. You don't realize how much you love someone until you spend time away from him or her. We had been away for six months so it had been that long since I had seen my son, dad, in-laws, and nephew. I finally got to meet my great niece who was born while we were in Guatemala.

At this point, most of you think I will say my friends and family are what I missed about home. But that's only partially true. I did miss my friends at home, but I technically don't have any family at home.

You see, my home is no longer in Joplin. My home is in Guatemala, next door to Eddy and Michelle, across the "street" from the Provee office and the salon. I missed the people, weather (it snowed twice and I hate snow), mountains and, probably mostly, our dog. I missed the sounds of chicken buses honking and fireworks (I didn't miss them at 4:30 in the morning, though). I missed the smell of the panaderia and wood-burning stoves.

I am home now and content to go back to the work God presents me.

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